COVID-19? Is your conference going online this year? No problem. We can provide online interpreting for your event.


You want only the best conference interpreters for your audience and keynote speakers.

With a network of highly skilled AIIC and EU certified colleagues, I guarantee quality interpreting. Every time.


With a European Master in Conference Interpreting from Copenhagen Business School in English and Spanish, I have been freelancing for the EU institutions as well as the private market since 2006.


I am a member of AIIC, the international association of conference interpreters setting high standards for quality and ethics in conference interpreting since 1953.


Used widely at international conferences and meetings, this is probably the most well-known kind of interpreting. From their booths, the interpreters listen to the speaker in their head-sets and translate simultaneously into a microphone. That way the participants can listen to the proceedings in a language they understand and make comments in their own language without ever having to think about the interpretation. It's elegant and efficient.

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